Estelle Bistro

Estelle indoor diningEntering Estelle off High Street is like stumbling into an oasis from the fables. The eyes adjust to the light, a charming Parisian Bistro appears and passionate attention to detail unfolds. The same attention to detail screams from the menu, Spanish padron peppers specially flown in, and Moonlight Clairs™ and Moonlight Kisses™ bespoke from our leases, delivered fresh and fast overnight. Week in week out, Scott, Josh and Aaron know the consistent quality only possible from a single set of hands, with single hand packed care, singular consistency. Like our oysters it’s a trademark of shared passions.

For more information about Estelle Bistro:
Estelle Bistro
243 High Street, Northcote, Victoria
Tel 03 9489 4609

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