Shucked or unshucked?

The pearly question: Should you buy shucked or unshucked oysters?
Senior Journalist Julie Power interviewed me for an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 23 December 2018 – “The pearly question: Should you buy shucked or unshucked oysters?”. And you can probably imagine how I answered that…

“An oyster is a live fish posing as a rock,” said oyster farmer Steve Feletti quoting an old French saying. “Until you flip that lid, that fish is alive,” said Mr Feletti, who owns Moonlight Flat Oysters, while opening some of his company’s Sydney rock oysters at Canberra restaurant Monster Salon.

“To many buyers, pre-shucked oysters are a little more expensive but worth the convenience. But to increasing numbers of oyster purists like Mr Feletti and restaurateurs like Saint Peter’s Joshua Niland, pre-shucking is an abomination, drying out the oysters, and increasing the chances that buyers will get sick eating one past its prime.”

You can read the full article on the SMH website at this link.

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