Chef enquiries

It will come as no surprise that we restrict the size of our operation, in keeping with our view of the nature of the product. We don’t see this product lending itself to bulk handling, bulk grading, bulk packing, or bulk transport. They are not hamburgers. And we only do direct business, no extra hands in the middle.

We do maintain a waiting list of potential partners and from time to time the scenery shifts and windows open. We recently celebrated our 20th year with our foundation partner The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay and some of our other relationships are nearly as long and just as strong.

We do like to maintain dialogue with interested chefs, especially those who are as committed to the native product as we are. And when time permits our contribution to the wider industry is to offer restaurant staff our exclusive tailored oyster training module.

We do make ourselves available for food industry events, such as Sydney’s Good Food Month and the Slow Food Society, and wine matchings. If you have a proposition let’s hear it.

For all chef and restaurant enquiries please contact Steve Feletti by email.

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