Oyster gear

We often get asked about oyster gear, knives in particular. Here are a few of our favourite tools.

Oyster knivesIMG_1630

Tools of the trade…a selection of oyster knives suitable for Australian oysters.

3 knives IMG_1632

Three favourite oyster knives, from left to right a Dexter, OXO and Inox.

Platters IMG_1635

The real deal and a touch of history from the Sydney restaurant scene: these aluminium oyster platters were originally from the Bayswater Brasserie, a leader in shuck-to-order culture in Sydney in the 1980s. They were a prized gift to me from Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay.

Bush stick knife IMG_1633

An oyster knife made with a bit of weathered bush stick for a handle. ..a gift from the oyster knife workshop, Fix & Make, Hotel Hotel, Canberra.

Oyster cup IMG_1635

This oyster cup can make life a bit easier and save a few nicks and scratches. Buy one or perhaps knock up something similar yourself.

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