Moonlight Flat Oysters at Hotel Hotel Canberra garden market

Hotel Canberra marketSaturday 7 November 2015
10 – 2 pm

Moonlight Flat Oysters will take up an exclusive invitation by Hotel Hotel Canberra to join their select artisanal suppliers and have a stand at their garden market.

We will have Clair De Lunes together with a tasting cup of picpoul, the amazingly matched wine with oysters.

Oysters wearing fluoro

Clairs Photo0665Yes!…

That was the Manager’s take on our new “double finish” finishing process.

And he’s not wrong, The vivid green, soft, nutrient-rich weed wrap around these Clairs is the pinnacle of what we aim for, adapted from the French “green oyster” finishing technique.

The process involves clever placement of stock in two exact locations in two estuaries with different “merroir”.

The proof speaks for itself. In back-to-back tastings with a control batch the verdict is 100% consistent: different structure, different richer flavor, different colour.

Viva  la difference!

Exclusive to Moonlight Flat Oysters.


moxherestaurant-158Intimate, elegant, cosy…it’s easy to draw a colour picture of the love and passion Moxhe exudes, even down to the fragrant elegant flowers front and rear of the dining space. Moonlight Kisses and Rusty Wires fit seamlessly into this rich tapestry located in Waverley. “You can feel the love in the box when your oysters arrive” was the owners’ testimony to the care of product  we share with them. A match made in heaven, or at least in Moxhe.

For more information about Moxhe:
65B Macpherson St, Waverley
Tel 02 8937 0886

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Moonlight Flat Oysters

“Like being dumped by the surf…” the phrase often used to describe Moonlight Flat Oysters. Our reputation is the sum of long partnerships with committed oyster restaurants, the longest now a record 20 years. Take a peek inside the restaurants who share our passion.