Moonlight Flat Oysters on Landline

Moonlight Flat Oysters and Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc featured in a segment on the ABC’s Landline program on Sunday 1 October. The program told the story of our oyster business, our discovery of piquepoul blanc and how we introduced cuttings into Australia which have yielded our first spectacular vintages of Borrowed Cuttings Piquepoul Blanc.

High praise from The Urban List for Moonlight Flat and The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay…

The Boathouse On Blackwattle Bay
This little beauty is tucked away in Glebe and promises to put on a spectacular show when you’re on the hunt for an OMFG-worthy waterfront restaurant in Sydney. Obviously, they’re famous for the snapper pie but don’t skimp on a rock lobster or mud crab (we recommend pre-ordering just in case). Oh, and make sure to get a decent selection of oysters; ask your friendly waiter what’s good and then get four of each. The menu changes depending on what’s fresh and available, but if you can get your mitts on the Moonlight Kisses, hold them close and never let go. Ever.

The Urban List, July 2017

Petite Clairs “so special”

Here’s what a leading one hat seafood restaurant in Sydney told us this week: “Petite Clairs this week were UNBELIEVABLE, so special, everyone loved them and so many comments. Thank you…maybe next week we could go to 20 dozen? Thanks, Steve”