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“Dear Moonlight Flat Oysters…”
‘Dear Moonlight Flat Oysters,
‘I’m a lifelong lover of oysters. I went to the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay the other day mainly because I wanted a taste test of a few of the best.
‘Yours was definitely the best.
‘Perfect oyster with perfect balance and end taste. Bliss.
‘Thank you for a taste sensation.
‘Kind regards
‘ST, Earlwood, Sydney’ (Nov 2019)

“As passionate about oysters as any man”
“Steve Feletti’s Moonlight Flat oysters, grown in the Clyde River estuary at Batemans Bay in southern New South Wales, are found in many of Australia’s best restaurants, from Cutler & Co in Melbourne to The Boathouse on Blackwater Bay in Sydney. He’s as passionate about oysters as any man. But Feletti’s love of oysters has been eclipsed lately by his excitement over picpoul, the southern-French white grape said to produce the world’s most oyster-friendly white wine.”

Read the full article in Gourmet Traveller at this link.

Oysters: An Explainer
“Everything you need to know to enjoy this salty treasure of a mollusc – including why you should never swallow them whole.” Great article in The Broadsheetat this link.


The pearly question: Should you buy shucked or unshucked oysters?
Senior Journalist Julie Power interviewed me for an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald on 23 December 2018 – “The pearly question: Should you buy shucked or unshucked oysters?”. And you can probably imagine how I answered that…

“An oyster is a live fish posing as a rock,” said oyster farmer Steve Feletti quoting an old French saying. “Until you flip that lid, that fish is alive,” said Mr Feletti, who owns Moonlight Flat Oysters, while opening some of his company’s Sydney rock oysters at Canberra restaurant Monster Salon.

“To many buyers, pre-shucked oysters are a little more expensive but worth the convenience. But to increasing numbers of oyster purists like Mr Feletti and restaurateurs like Saint Peter’s Joshua Niland, pre-shucking is an abomination, drying out the oysters, and increasing the chances that buyers will get sick eating one past its prime.”

You can read the full article on the SMH website at this link.

Hugh Allen at Vue de Monde, in Broadsheet
Great article in Broadsheet about Hugh Allen, the new executive chef at Shannon Bennett’s Vue de Monde in Melbourne. “Allen says that while Bennett is still hands on at Vue (he splits his time between Melbourne and Byron Bay), he’s really “more of a mentor” to the young chef. The menu will continue to serve two Vue de Monde stalwarts: Moonlight Flat oysters (with a distinctive lemon husk and lemon myrtle vinaigrette), and Bennett’s chocolate soufflé.” Read the full article at this link. (2019)

Oysters: An Explainer, in Broadsheet
Thomas Beecher has written an article in Broadsheet which he says is “Everything you need to know to enjoy this salty treasure of a mollusc – including why you should never swallow them whole.”He interviewed me for the article…”One big concern for Feletti is that unlike in France and other countries where it’s illegal to do so, a large portion of oysters in Australia are sold pre-shucked, which is a massive no-no, he says. Pre-shucking diminishes flavour and raises the risk of food poisoning.”
Read the full article on Broadsheet at this link. (2019)

Searching for love 1
To whom it may concern.
I am from Melbourne and for years have enjoyed your oysters and have told friends that they exceed any oysters I have had from others regions in Australia. I am staying at Lilli Pilli for the next couple of weeks and am hoping that you can tell me where I can purchase your oysters locally to enjoy while I am up here with family. Thank you for producing a truly delicious oyster.
Regards TC (2019)

Searching for love 2
My partner is turning 30 in a couple of weeks, she and I both adore your oysters and are wondering whether it is at all possible to place an order for a small amount – happy to take 5 dozen or so but probably not practical to do so many more. I know you guys supply the best in Aus, so I won’t be surprised if this is not possible but would have been disappointed had we not asked – it’s seems so difficult to buy unshucked oysters! Many thanks in advance for replying, always looking forward to eating more of your great produce.
Cheers, AB (2019)

Sean McConnell shares the love in Canberra…
There’s only a handful of restaurants in the ACT serving these oysters from Moonlight Flat, an oyster lease on the Clyde River, Batemans Bay, run by all-round-good-guy Steve Feletti. Bar Rochford also has a killer wine list.

Sean McConnell, head chef, Hotel Hotel, Canberra, in the Sydney Morning Herald, 3 June 2017

“Cowra oyster grower cultivates an unexpected ‘sensory thunderbolt’ French wine match”
ABC journalist Peta Doherty interviewed Steve Feletti on ABC Radio’s The Country Hour, broadcast 7 February 2017.

To read the full story go the the ABC website at this link.
Photo by Peta Doherty, ABC Radio

Petite Clairs “so special”
Here’s what a leading one hat seafood restaurant in Sydney told us this week: “Petite Clairs this week were UNBELIEVABLE, so special, everyone loved them and so many comments. Thank you…maybe next week we could go to 20 dozen? Thanks, Steve” (Jan 2017)

Australian Gourmet Traveller writes about Saint Peter, Paddington, Sydney
“The salty smack of Petit Clair de Lune oysters with a half-bottle of oysterman Steve Feletti’s Borrowed Cuttings picpoul and some fine and honeyed Berkelo sourdough and cultured butter. Charry herring contrasted with the freshness of a parsley salad. Pale chopped albacore, raw and shining with citrus on crisps of bread. Lush rillettes of ocean trout hidden under rounds of radish. The pleasures of seafood at Saint Peter are great and they are many.” (2016)

Another happy customer…

To the Team at Moonlight Flat Oysters,

Thank you very much for making my wife’s day yesterday. Every now and then we are lucky enough to enjoy a meal at the Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay and yesterday was one of those occasions. To our great delight this time was the first we were also lucky enough to enjoy our favourite wine pairing with great oysters.

We travelled to the Languedoc region four years ago, had many an afternoon lunch of oysters and a beautiful white wine we had not heard of before, Piquepoul. After a little research we became aware of what you guys were up to at Cowra and so our wait started for your product. We were both delighted to finally see the Piquepoul available and to enjoy it with some of your fantastic Moonlight en Surface and Label Rouge oysters (we have previously had the Rusty Wire and Clair de Lune – an absolute favourite).

Thank you again, we eagerly await our next trip the Boathouse, some great oysters and of course that fantastic Piquepoul.

Regards, Ben(2016)

State Winner in delicious.Magazine awards
DPA State WinnersThe 2016 delicious. Magazine Produce Awards have been announced and we are proud to announce that our Moonlight Kiss Sydney rock oysters have been a winner in the 2016 State Winners ‘From the Sea’ category.

The 2016 delicious. Produce Awards saw a new approach to the Awards’ nomination process with the country’s top chefs and restaurateurs asked to nominate the passionate producers they work so closely with. The awards are the result of the delicious. Produce Awards State Judges meeting tasting their way through the crop of nominees in the Earth, Dairy, Paddock and Sea categories. The State Winners will now progress to the national judging phase.

delicious. Editor-in-chief Kerrie McCallum said: “Australia’s produce, producers and chefs are globally renowned for excellence. Opening nominations in 2016 exclusively to the country’s leading industry experts has meant the calibre of entries this year is unprecedented in terms of quality and innovation, including some really exciting new producers we haven’t seen on the Produce Awards stage before.

The State Winners are blind-tasted by a national panel of judges who decide the overall category winners, revealed at a special event in Sydney on September 12 2016.

Oysterage blueThe Art of the Freshly Shucked Oyster
In Broadsheet, Chris Watson talks about oysters – and how to open them.
“I’ve been opening oysters almost as long as I’ve been cooking,” smiles the chef. “When I started working with [business partner] Andrew McConnell at Circa, we served oysters from Steve Feletti of Moonlight Flat Oysters in Batemans Bay. I’ve continued serving oysters at every place since then, but particularly at Cutler & Co. we served up to six types at any one time – that’s a big selection.”

For the full story on Broadsheet go to this link.

A guide to oysters in Sydney
The Urban List has published an article about Sydney’s best oysters and our good friends at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay head the list, and our Moonlight Flat Angasi oysters get a mention! Read the full article on The Urban List.

Farmer’s shuck tactics for the perfect wine
Piquepoul favourite pic P1050189“Picpoul de pinet is not one of France’s most characterful wines, but like many crisp, high-acid, low-fruit whites it goes well with food. While fruitier wines tend to dominate food, this kind of wine allows food to be the hero.”

“Fast forward 20 years and Batemans Bay oyster grower Steve Feletti, of the Moonlight Flat Oyster Company, has just planted on his farm at Cowra what he thinks are Australia’s first piquepoul blanc vines…”

Click here to read the rest of Huon Hooke’s article in Good Food about our picpoul blanc vines.

Steve with grapesP1050262

Piquepoul and the oyster man
“Pairing wine with fresh-shucked oysters can be a challenge, but a local lover of both may have the answer”. Read Chris Shanahan’s article about our piquepoul grape venture at this link.

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