A guide to oysters in Sydney

Urban List picThe Urban List has published an article about Sydney’s best oysters and our good friends at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay head the list, and our Moonlight Flat Angasi oysters get a mention! Read the full article on The Urban List.

Saint Crispin

Saint Crispin Front rest for web

Deep in the centre of arrondissement Fitzroy lies a brooding gem, Saint Crispin, patron saint of cobblers. Probably won’t get your shoes repaired, but you certainly can slurp up those succulent Clairs™ and Moonlight Kisses™ delivered overnight by the fastest fresh logistics. The Moonlight Flat range is plated with shared passion for consistency and freshness by our oyster fan chef Joe Grabic. Benchmark quality control is won by our single set of hands logistics, single origin harvest, personal selection, and single standard hand-packing. The kind of guaranteed consistency serious chefs have relied on every week for over 16 years.

For more information about Saint Crispin:
Saint Crispin
300 Smith Street, Collingwood, Victoria
Tel 03 9419 2202

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Estelle Bistro

Estelle indoor diningEntering Estelle off High Street is like stumbling into an oasis from the fables. The eyes adjust to the light, a charming Parisian Bistro appears and passionate attention to detail unfolds. The same attention to detail screams from the menu, Spanish padron peppers specially flown in, and Moonlight Clairs™ and Moonlight Kisses™ bespoke from our leases, delivered fresh and fast overnight. Week in week out, Scott, Josh and Aaron know the consistent quality only possible from a single set of hands, with single hand packed care, singular consistency. Like our oysters it’s a trademark of shared passions.

For more information about Estelle Bistro:
Estelle Bistro
243 High Street, Northcote, Victoria
Tel 03 9489 4609

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Our picpoul grapes

Picpoul growing Nov 2015 photoOur pipoul vines,  growing near Cowra in the Central West of NSW, are looking very healthy…we photographed these beautiful
young grapes in mid-November!