The Perfect Marriage of Grape and Sea

The Picpoul Fairytale

Borrowed Cuttings Picpoul

Our quest for world class whole-of-table-oyster experience became a fairy tale when we stumbled upon this astonishing match for oysters at Bouzigues along the Languedoc Coast.

Hidden away in a small triangle of pilgrim trails below Montpellier , Picpoul de Pinet evolved since medieval times as the perfect drop for local fruits de mer. Captivated by this liquid harmony of grape and sea, Moonlight Co personally brought cuttings to grow in NSW as the astonishing match for its shellfish portfolio. A decade later, the gamble paid off with a medal awarded by Decanter World Wine Awards 2020, the world’s largest with 16,500 entries. Decanter judges summed it up, “heady with layers of peach, pear and a hint of almond, while the palate is laced with honey dew melons”. Locally Borrowed Cuttings also won two awards in 2020 from WINESTATE magazine Adelaide.

Today picpoul is among the fastest growth stories in U.K., sales rising 1500% in 5 years. Its seafood embrace in the New World finds a wider response matching Asian raw cuisine, local freshwater fish and as a crisp dry aperitif to soften harsh Australian sunsets.

Described as easy drinking due to lower alcohol, it’s also flinty, lemony, melon, green apples and puckerish. It ticks all the new boxes for the 2020’s. Grown under contract for us alongside organic vines in NSW Central Ranges, it is managed with minimal intervention.

Immensely rewarding to hear back from customers who experience first hand the Grape & Sea harmony. And perhaps our greatest validation is that Australia’s leading seafood restaurant has menued the “astonishing match” of both our products since doors opened .

No Alcohol can be sold or supplied to anyone under 18. It’s against the law.